The Bees:

This is the month when colonies can die of starvation. However, if you fed them plenty of sugar syrup in the late autumn /winter, this should not happen. With the days growing longer, the queen steadily increases her rate of egg laying. More brood means more food consumed. The drones begin to appear. The bees will continue to consume honey stores.

The Beekeeper:

Early in the month, on a nice mild day, and when there is no wind and bees are flying, you can have a quick peek inside your hive. It’s best not to remove the frames. Just have a look-see under the cover. If you do not see any sealed honey in the top frames, you may need to provide some emergency food (fondant or granulated sugar if cold temps prevail, syrup if the weather is mild). But remember, once you start, you should not stop until they are bringing in their own food supplies.

  • Spring splits and installation of nucs begin to be an option for late month.
  • You can order spring time package bees, nucs and queens on sites now.
  • You can install early ordered package bees this month.

Time Spent:

Estimate 2 hours