Shelby County Beekeepers Association

Where Beekeepers Get the Knowledge to Share the Knowledge

Our Story

Shelby County, Alabama Beekeepers Association(SCBA) came together officially March 2011. This small group formed because of their interest and love of bees. In only seven years, we have grown to over 150 members, hold monthly meetings, graduated our 6 class of beginning beekeepers, organized for a research event with beehives, hold our annual honey tasting contest for bragging rights and more. Join our group today and come to the next meeting to find out what it’s all about.

As a member, you will receive emails regarding monthly meetings and events relating to beekeeping, plus you will have access to our Maxant 3100 Extractor for removing your honey when it ripens. These are just a few of the benefits.

We also have a Board of Directors which meet to formulate the schedule for the year events, such as, education and service opportunities. Have ideas for events or want to schedule a speaker? Contact us and let us know.


The Bee is our focus.


The Bee completes the circle of life in the Environment.


To know the life cycle of a bee through Education, enhances everyones’ appreciation for this insect.


Through service projects with fellow beekeepers in the community and abroad extends the life of the hive.