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Hive Beetles….a solution!

Got Hive Beetles? Well, here’s one solution…..

One Hive Beetle Solution-SCBA 3.20.14 from SCBA on Vimeo.

February Feeding 2.8.14

Feeding In February 2.8.14 from SCBA on Vimeo.

How to light a smoker-Shelby County Alabama Beekeepers Association

SCBA-How to light a smoker 1.23.14 from SCBA on Vimeo.

2014 Beginning Beekeeping Class Begins Jan. 16 Register NOW.

We have just a few spots left for our 2014 class, but you will need to act fast. When they are gone…they are gone until next year!

What you will learn, in addition to having fun,:  how to get started, calendar of events, where to establish an apiary, purchasing bees & installing package bees, purchasing beekeeping equipment, entering the hive, protection and treatment of stings, bee biology, parasites, pests and diseases, bee genetics (vsh), understanding the honeybee, colony population and growth, beehive tools, constructing hives and frames, installing foundation, nectar flows, plants and pollination, honey production and products, wax products, propolis, extraction of honey supers, nucleus hive advantages, feeding package bees, dirths, swarm management, requeening, fall and winter management, feeding your bees for fall, after your first year now what?, join a bee club, test and evaluation.

We will schedule an onsite hive demonstration. TBA

For more info. on the class go here:

Happy Bee New Year 2014!

First SCBA Meeting  January 2, 2014 7:00pm

SCBA meets the First Thursday Each Month
Time: 7:00—9:00pm
Senior Center, 708 County Rd 36,
Chelsea, Alabama 35043

SCBA Master Beekeeper George Baldwin will be speaking to us about “Pests Inside the Hive”. This presentation will be the same one he will be presenting in Feb. at the Auburn Beekeepers Symposium.

Join Us for Popcorn, Soda & a Movie Nov. 7, 7pm

The spectacular documentary movie “More Than Honey” will be showing at our Nov. 7 Monthly Meeting starting around 7pm. Join us for our last meeting in 2013. Our 2014 meetings resume Jan. 2, 2014. Trailer for the Movie:

SCBA’s adds #4 to our list of Master Beekeeper’s in Alabama

Recently, at the Alabama Beekeeper’s Convention, Montgomery, Alabama, Margie Robertson successfully completed the Alabama Master Beekeeper’s Exam. She is now one of 10 in the state and 4 in Shelby County. The Master Beekeeper Program is the first ever in the state.

SCBA announces 3 of it’s members Certified Master Beekeepers

SCBA 9-16-2013

SCBA- Great Neighbor Partner,

SCBA is a proud part of the ‘Great Neighbor Partner Program’ at now. When ordering your coffee, be sure to click the check box: [